Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mark your spot on the internet!

HartWebpages is now offering Landing Pages for your business.

What is a landing page?

There are different kinds of landing pages
  1. Information retrieval landing page
  2. Informational landing page

HartWebpages can create a landing page that can do whatever you need it to do, but I will only describe these two.

An information retrieval landing page is a page where your company would direct its customers to retrieve their information and send them a catalogs or periodical literature in order to make a sale or for their continued patronage.

An informational landing page is a page that is created simply to give information about your company when someone searches for products or services that your company provides. 

Why do you need a landing page?

Let's say that you own a furniture store and don't have a website at all.

I need a new couch, so I go to my computer and search for "furniture stores" nearby.
I am not going to know that you have a furniture store in town, it's not going to be on my mind when I am shopping for furniture.

We used to advertise on television or in the newspaper trying to make our names another household name, so that when someone thought about furniture, your name would pop into their mind.

Now we have the internet and instead of becoming a household name you want make sure that you are "on the grid" or highly searchable.

Ask me how you can get your very own landing page, set up with Search Engine Optimization so that when someone searches for something that you do your company with show up with directions straight to your front door or they will be sent straight to your site to purchase your services.

Send me an E-mail and let's get started.

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