Sunday, November 24, 2013

Merry Christmas From Hart Webpages
'Tis that Season again! 

You guessed it, time to get those Brag/Christmas Letters out! 

Let all your loved ones know what you and the rest of the family have been up all year long. 

Let your Friends know what you are looking forward to in the coming year! 

Sam is going off to college. 
Amy made the Swim team. 

There is no limit on all the exciting things to share.

Save on postage send them all an email with a link to your very own Christmas Letter webpage! 
Where they can find all things YOU and YOUR FAMILY! 
One page filled with everything you want to share!
 Save Money and Time! 
All of this Convenience for $10.00, That's all there is to it! 

Email and your well on your way to a webpage customized to your liking!!!!

Merry Christmas From

Monday, September 9, 2013

$25 - $50 - 75$ - $100 Websites

I am going to try something new at Hartwebpages.  

these sites will range in Price from $25 - $100

Do you have one of those businesses where you make money based on Referrals, or bookings?
These Sites would be perfect.

Have a vehicle that you want to sell?  try a single page site from Hartwebpages, I will set up a form that the user can fill out (reCaptcha included to keep away bots) so no one will know your E-mail unless you want them to, and in that case I will set up a hidden E-mail with reCaptcha to keep your E-mail safe from bots.

I can set up a form on your Single Page Site so that your future customers can provide you with whatever information that you need to make the sale, and then it will be delivered to your Email Inbox in the format that you need.

I can build a website to fit your needs, head over to and check out the Packages Page. is undergoing some renovations there are some changes being made slowly but surely.
thank you for your understanding.